The City of Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is located on a jutting spur of land on the eastern edge of Ramsey Bay. To the east and south sprawl the majestic Allegheny Mountain range; whose enchanting conifer forests slowly turn coniferous further south and are home to a wide variety of wildlife. To the south and west are the foothills of the Allegheny range, the serpentine Coor River, and the forbidding Deadfall Marsh. Further west lies the Empire of the Four Brothers; and to the north and east Ramsey Bay and the Great Northern Ocean.


Saint Petersburg is ruled by a hereditary monarchy, headed by Lord Weatherly; though as is the case in all governments of this time period it is the Chamberlain who oversees the day to day operations of the city. The City Watch, headed by Sheriff Bill “Bulldog” Pickett, guard the city from assaults both internal and external while the Chancellor and his subordinates carry out the judicial proceedings of the city in all matters but those of the upper nobility (and those citizens with a most famous notoriety) which are handled by Lord Weatherly personally. And the unenviable position of tax collection is controlled by the Exchequer and his subordinates.


At present there are only three guilds active in Saint Petersburg: the Consolidated Shipwrights Guild (CSG), the Purple Annies, and the Expeditionary League. The CSG controls the vast majority of the labor force in Saint Petersburg as its members include shipwrights, stone masons, and carpenters. The Purple Annies are a wildly popular crime syndicate that controls much of the eastern side of the city. Their leader is Arnold “the Brain” Rothstein who is known for his intricately detailed plans and for his immaculate dress. The Expeditionary League is a group of explorers, adventures, geographers, and scientists whose goal is: to explore the world around them; travel to far off climes; meet beautiful and interesting people; loot hidden and forgotten treasures; escape from death defying traps and situations; and educate everyone about the world we live in (at some point). It is headed by Sir Richard Hawkins and possesses three ships: the Dainty, the Adventure, and the Ranger.

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